Courthouse Green Primary School

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We Are Part OfTriumph MAT

School Aims & Values

 We aim to instil in all our children a love of learning

Vision and Values

In partnership with our families, we are committed to ensure that all our children feel included and valued in all aspects of school life so that they are excited and inspired about their learning and are determined to succeed.  Through the curriculum we want to teach them to persevere and to collaborate, to be curious, imaginative and resourceful learners.


To provide all learners with clear, high quality, engaging opportunities that enable them to make rapid gains in their learning and develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will ensure they are successful throughout their schooling. 

To provide all staff with the skills, knowledge, confidence and strategies to create innovative learning opportunities that enable the children they teach to make rapid gains in their learning.

At the heart of our principles for effective learning are a clear understanding of what our children can do, what they need to learn and the power of explicit feedback to enable them to improve.


Act with Kindness

Work with Pride

Be Resilient

Strive to Improve

Collaborate together

Take Responsibility



The children at Courthouse Green deserve the very best learning experiences that excite them and develop an ongoing desire to learn and a confidence to succeed even when learning is challenging. Through this high quality education our children will be inspired to aim high and be ambitious to achieve well in all they do.

We have high expectations for ourselves and our pupils, we encourage everyone to believe in themselves through having an ambitious vision which expects everyone to achieve their very best and which is shared by all. We are a happy, inclusive, supportive, nurturing and understanding school community.

Our curriculum is rich and exciting, providing the children with opportunities to talk and discuss with confidence their views on the world in which they live and how to improve it. Through this they develop tolerance, respect and a good understanding of the benefits of democracy and law and the impact they have on the society in which they live.

Children will be partners in their learning, taking an active role and talking with confidence about the progress they are making and how to improve it. Through all learning opportunities we develop in children a growth mindset; they understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process and develop a keenness to persevere and have the resilience to keep striving.


 ‘All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think"     Ken Robinson