Thrive Workshops

At Courthouse Green we have adopted the Thrive Approach which supports all children with their emotional and social development in order to accelerate children to engage with life and learning to their full potential. The Thrive Approach focuses on child development, attachment, up to date brain development and the creative arts. 

As part of the Thrive Approach, we are fortunate to be able to offer Family Thrive and other workshops. 

From September, we will be offering Family Thrive and Dealing with disappointment and uncertainty workshop. 

Family Thrive focuses on relationships, emotional development, our brain and nervous systems, how play and creativity supports healthy emotional development, how to understand behaviour as a way of communicating and how to support children at times of change and challenge. 

Family Thrive is a six week course for two hours per week. 

Dealing with disappointment and uncertainty workshop focuses on the impact of disappointment and change has on children, awareness of possible effects for children and ideas and resources on how to prepare children for disappointment. 

This is a one off workshop for two hours. If you wish to find out more or attend either of the workshop, please complete the form below.

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