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Positive Mental Health and Well-being Policy

At Courthouse Green we are proud of the support we are able to offer to families. We have a team of four dedicated workers ensuring that we are able to overcome any barriers to learning.

LEARNING MENTORS – We have four learning mentors, Mr Davies, Mrs Owen, Mrs Cutts and Miss Wallbank. They all work with children in school to support their learning when things may be a little difficult for whatever reason. They each have their own specialisms but all work to support children through difficult periods and are particularly good at helping out when children are feeling low in self esteem; they are experiencing friendship issues; they are lacking in confidence or may be distracted from their learning because of issues at home.

Miss Wallbank works to improve the attendance and punctuality at school and may contact you when we consider that low attendance is adversely affecting your child’s learning. She has different ways to support you while getting things back on track for children including initiating CAF assessments and support plans. She will also works alongside our schools worker at Children and Families First – Ellen Morgan. At Courthouse Green, we also take great pride in recognising achievement, and Miss Wallbank will provide many opportunities throughout the year to congratulate excellent attendance and punctuality for individual children and class groups.

All our learning mentors will work with families to improve some situations that may have become unmanageable for a while. They are able to access avenues of support for many families on a daily basis and will help with all manner of circumstances.

Miss Halfpenny is our Pastoral Support Manager and oversees the work of the Learning Mentors. She works with the learning mentors to ensure that any of our families that need support, can get it. Please speak to any of the mentors or Kate if you would like support for your family or with parenting.  

What is a CAF? 

The CAF is a four-step process whereby practitioners can identify a child's or young person's needs early, assess those needs holistically, deliver coordinated services and review progress. The CAF is designed to be used when 

  • a practitioner is worried about how well a child or young person is progressing (e.g. concerns about their health, development, welfare, behaviour, progress in learning or any other aspect of their wellbeing)
  • a child or young person, or their parent/carer, raises a concern with a practitioner
  • a child's or young person's needs are unclear, or broader than the practitioner's service can address.

The process is entirely voluntary and informed consent is mandatory, so families do not have to engage and if they do they can choose what information they want to share. Children and families should not feel stigmatised by the CAF; indeed they can ask for a CAF to be initiated.

The CAF process is not a 'referral' process but a 'request for services'.

The CAF should be offered to children who have additional needs to those being met by universal services. Unless a child is presenting a need, it is unlikely the CAF will be offered. The practitioner assesses needs using the CAF. The CAF is not a risk assessment. (Department for Education Website, 2012)

All of our team can talk through whether a CAF would be suitable for your family, please call in to school to discuss it if you feel like this may be something you would like to explore.

Where to contact if you are worried about the immediate safety of a child – Social Services, Coventry. You can also call in to school to discuss your concerns with Miss Halfpenny or Mrs Malam if you believe a child to be in immediate harm.

The following agencies are able to offer support or information to families who may be experiencing difficulties, click on the logo to take you to the agency website:


Gingerbread:  We provide advice and practical support for single parents. Expert advisers answer our helpline, this website is packed full of useful information and we offer training too. We also campaign to improve the lives of all single parent families. And because we’re a national charity, it’s all free.


Kidscape: Kidscape is committed to keeping children safe from abuse. Kidscape is the first charity in the UK established specifically to prevent bullying and child sexual abuse. Kidscape believes that protecting children from harm is key.

citizens advice

Citizens Advice Bureau: Advice on your rights; debt; housing and other legal matters.

step change

Step Change: A team of debt experts help over 410,000 people a year across the UK to overcome their debt problems, and get their lives back on track.


Foodbank: Today people across the UK will struggle to feed themselves and their families. Redundancy, illness, benefit delay, domestic violence, debt, family breakdown and paying for the additional costs of heating during winter are just some of the reasons why people go hungry. Please do not feel embarrassed by this, contact Kate or Beth at school who can both distribute foodbank vouchers.

recovery partnership

The Recovery Partnership: We understand that substance misuse affects not just the individual, but the whole family. The impact upon the parents/carers and family of an individual’s substance misuse problems can also be significant. At The Recovery Partnership, we strive for a family focussed approach. Either at assessment or during treatment an individual client may find it useful to be accompanied by a family member either for support or in order for the worker to discuss their treatment with a family member.


Respect: men and women working together to end domestic violence

Respect is a membership organisation. We develop, deliver and support effective services for:

  • male and female perpetrators of domestic violence
  • young people who use violence and abuse at home and in relationships
  • men who are victims of domestic violence

Local help if you or a friend are experiencing domestic violence and abuse

In an emergency always dial 999

Refuges and Supported Accommodation


Coventry Haven: – tel: 024 7644 4077 24 hours a day, or visit the website for more information -


valley house

 Valley House: – tel: 024 7626 6280 during office hours or 0800 328 9084 for emergency overnight accommodation- www.valleyhouseassociation.org


Panahghar – tel: 0800 055 6519 24 hours a day, or visit the website for more information – http://www.safehouse.org.uk/



IAPT - Improving Access to Psychological Therapies

For further information about any of the IAPT services, please contact :

Telephone: 0845 521 6100

Email: iapt@covwarkpt.nhs.uk

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