Spring Term 2016

The JLT have been  extremely productive this term. They have become very skilled at getting the views of the pupils in school and have asked children across Key Stage 2 how their learning is going and how teachers could improve their lessons. In fact some of the responses the JLT gathered were even used on the staff training day to help teachers get a better insight of what the pupils think! 

They have also been working hard to get parents even more involved in the school and stayed behind during parent’s evening to ask parents how we could improve the school further. They asked parents about a variety of issues such as child safety in school and how much their children enjoyed their time here (all of the parents were really positive). More importantly the JLT asked parents how we could improve the school in this respect! The JLT are now busy ensuring that the parent suggestions are acted upon.


AUTUMN Term 2015

Children carried out questionnaires about homework with a large sample of children across the school and even asked the opinions of our parents. We then sent the results of our findings to year group leaders so that they could make changes based on what our children and parents said! 

They also carried out a school climate report to ensure that children knew who to talk to if they were worried or uncomfortable about something. Where children were unsure, we told year group leaders so that they could feed it into their PHSCE lessons! 

September 2015

A new JLT has been formed and what a great one it is! The team has already canvassed their classes and they have come up with LOADS of fantastic ways to improve our school. Our first focus is going to be on homework: we are hoping find out what children think about our existing policy and invite parents in to see what they think too.


Spring term 2015 (second half)


The JLT carried out a school-wide questionnaire to find out what children thought of our school clubs. The JLT collated the findings and presented them to the school in an assembly, as well as to one of our governors. The JLT then decided on actions and emails were sent to our sports coordinator to request more sports for all clubs and a wider email was sent to all staff requesting a maths or design technology club for next term. We are now proud to say that we have BOTH!


Working with the head and deputy we sought to find out how children’s behaviour around school could be improved EVEN MORE. The JLT asked their classes a number of probing questions, as well as asking for suggestions on how to improve behaviour. After collating the feedback and sharing with the head and deputy, we formulated a plan. This involved meeting with the school prefects to increase their role in improving behaviour during non-lesson times. They asked the prefects to spread out around the school rather than concentrating their efforts to the stairs. We also empowered them by giving them GEMS to award children for good behaviour. We have also asked them to report on the class with the best behaviour in GEM assemblies.


We are currently working with the kitchen staff to compose a questionnaire to find out why more children have not opted for school dinners. It has also involved asking the children about other improvements such as themed food days. We await the outcome of their canvasing.

Spring Term 2015 (first half)

Courthouse JLT come highly commended! As many of you know, our old school council has now been rebranded as the Junior Leadership Team (JLT).  Since September they have been working really hard to reflect the views of their peers and implement change.  One of their projects was to set up 10 minute teach sessions where pupils teach a skill to their classes. It was a really great success and many children had the opportunity to teach skills ranging from Art to PE. 


We entered the Speaker's School Council Awards and our entry was highly commended. We are very proud of our young leaders and have been allowed to display a digital badge on our website as testament to their achievements!   



Autumn Term 2014. 

This has been a successful term for the Courthouse Green Junior Leadership Team. Our representatives have helped Ms Hart to design and introduce a new school-wide punctuality reward system. Our representatives asked their classes what they thought of the idea and asked for suggestions about how to improve it.

Children celebrated the fact that they had had a direct impact on a whole-school initiative.  We look forward to more exciting work in Autumn Term 2.
















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