School Meals

Child's school meal cost - £2.15

A healthy packed lunch is available for children each day.  Please order on-line as per the process below.  

Select – Aspens Online Dinner System

ALL school meals MUST be chosen and ordered on the Aspens Online Dinner System including those for children in Reception to Year 2 and those entitled to Free School Meals. Meals can only be paid for by credit/debit card.

 The purpose of this system means that you can:

· Order your child/children’s preferred menu choice in advance

· Pay for school lunches via the system, or just pre-book meals if your child/children are entitled to Universal Free School Meals & Free School Meals

You can send your child with a packed lunch one day and order a meal the next - no need to worry about giving notice to the school!

· Take advantage of ‘bulk buy’ offers

· Order a day at a time, per week or even for a month in advance from the beginning of each term

· You can register more than one child on one login

To register please go to the website link:

 You will be required to register in the first instance then an email is sent for you to verify and accept within 5 minutes of completion (please check your ‘spam’ folder if you do not receive confirmation)

 Please ensure that you complete this registration prior to your 1st order date and also pre-order your child’s meals even if you are entitled to Universal Free Schools Meals and Free School Meals.

 You will then have access to Login to your account with the school code and your child’s code to buy credits and order meals. Please contact the school office to get your codes.

 Some important information

· Please order you child’s meal by 9am in the morning if you wish them to have a meal on that day.

· Please cancel your child’s meal order by 9am in the morning if you DO NOT wish them to have the meal that day i.e. because they are off school ill. You will be charged if you have already ordered and then don’t cancel.

· If you are providing a home packed lunch or a packed lunch for a trip please ensure you cancel your child’s meal online if you have already ordered one. You can order a school packed lunch for this day if needed.

· Please select/add any dietary needs that your child has i.e. any allergies or no pork etc.

 If you have any queries please call Aspens directly on 01905 759613 or email

 If you are having problems contacting Aspens please contact the school office.








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