Behaviour Information

At Courthouse Green all children should have a safe and happy place to learn, to do this we aim for all children to demonstrate impeccable behaviour at all times, both in and out of the classroom. Our aim is for children to manage their own behaviour and to be responsible for their own actions.
Our school rules
Be Kind
Be Safe
Be Responsible
These rules are used consistently across the school and children are taught through assemblies, work in class and the PSHCE curriculum what it means to follow these rules at different ages and in different places, in and out of school. All classrooms have the rules displayed and they are regularly referred to as part of the children’s learning. Children are always praised for following the school rules.

To support children to make the right choices about their behaviour in school we use the saying
Stop, think, do
This saying helps children reflect on their behaviour and make the right behaviour choices both in and out of school.

Rewarding Positive Behaviour- GEMS
Our school reward system is GEMS. The reward system is designed to celebrate and encourage the skills and traits that are needed for children to develop a positive attitude towards their learning and development and to support them to become responsible members of the school community. The children need to work together as a class to collect as many GEMS as they can, encouraging collaboration and positive relationships.

G - Growth mindset. To encourage a growth mindset about their potential ability children will be rewarded for qualities such as perseverance, motivation, resilience.

E - Effort. Children will be rewarded for making a particular effort in their learning or in their behaviour.

M - Manners. Children will be rewarded for showing good manners to each other, school staff or visitors to the school.

S - Success. Children will be rewarded for personal successes in their learning in or out of school.

Each week the children celebrate the class that has collected the most GEMS and each class will choose a GEM of the week, a person in their class who has shown a great attitude towards their learning.

Unacceptable Behaviour
To make sure all behaviour is dealt with consistently across the school we have developed levels of behaviour with consistent consequences. These are shared with the children so they have a good understanding of the consequence of their behaviour choices.

Level 1
Not on task/ wasting time
Deliberate avoidance/ not completing work
Distraction, calling out, attention seeking behaviour
Negative body language
Accidental damage to school/ others property through careless behaviour
Running indoors
Distracting other children, chatting in class or assembly
Minutes of playtime/ lunchtime missed
Level 2
Any persistence of level 1
Telling lies
Teasing others, name calling, making unkind comments
Play fighting, rough/ aggressive play
Answering back
1 lunchtime detention/ 2 missed playtimes
Parents will be informed by text message
Level 3
Any persistence of level 2
Not responding to instructions/ uncooperative behaviour
Inappropriate/ bad language. Any homophobic or racist language
Deliberate graffiti on school property- including books
Deliberately hurting another child
Deliberately damaging another child’s property
3 missed playtimes/ lunchtimes
No clubs for 3 days
Parents will be informed by the class teacher
Level 4
Any persistence of level 3
Serious acts of sustained violence towards children or adults eg. Kicking, fighting, hitting.
Continued refusal of an adults reasonable request
Bringing dangerous items into school
Racial or prejudice abuse
Bullying including cyber bullying
All level 4 incidents will be investigated by the headteacher or deputy headteacher who will meet parents to explain the schools actions. Parents are expected to support the schools decision.
Consequences may include:
Detention for up to a week
Loss of extra- curricular activities/ any privileges
School based community service
A behaviour report card
An internal exclusion where a child must work in another class/ year group
Exclusion for a fixed period of time (1 to 5 days)

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