Welcome to Courthouse Green’s Eco-Council!  



Courthouse Green Primary School were very lucky to have some trees delivered from the Woodland Trust team.

There were a wide variety of trees; from sycamore trees to oak trees.

All the Eco Council team got together one windy dinner time and worked together to plant the trees in the Forest School garden area with Mrs. Dass and Mrs. Barratt.  Everybody got stuck in with the digging using the spades and patting the trees down firmly. 

We look forward to seeing our trees flourish next year. Make sure you look out for them when you are outside!


Mrs Dass is the teacher responsible for the Eco Council. Over the next two weeks teachers will nominate children to be part of our Eco Council.  The children will meet regularly once appointed.  

We are having some woodland trees deliverd soon and the first task for the children on the Eco Council will be to help plant those.

Mrs Dass has asked a representative from the City Council Eco team to come into school to hold an assembly to launch the Eco Council.  We will let you know as soon as we have more information to share.


We are trying to save our environment by doing our best for the school, the community and our earth. We are a group of children from each class that represent our school. Our important job is to help our school to achieve Eco-School status and get a green flag. A green flag is one of the highest awards given to schools that are sustainable and do their best to look after the school environment, local environment and the world.

An Eco-School has 9 important topics that it has to improve.

  1. School grounds.
  2. Biodiversity (plants and animals).
  3. Waste and recycling.
  4. Litter.
  5. Energy (electricity).
  6. Transport.
  7. Healthy living.
  8. Water.
  9. Global perspectives. 

We meet once a month to discuss Eco-issues and plan events. We give our ideas in meetings and report back to our classes and to the whole school in assemblies. We make sure that everyone in school follows the Eco-Code and we have carried out an environmental review to see what we are good at and what we need to improve.

We hope to get our silver award and green flag soon so watch this space!



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